Puglia Town Features on Traditional English Porcelain!

Maglie has won its battle for recognition as the location of the 18th-century scene portrayed on the historic Stoke on Trent porcelain. The argument had raged between the British town of Portmeirion and the little Pugliese town located in the province of Lecce (near where we build out masseria properties).

The row was over the scene featured in the middle of the blue and white Staffordshire transfer wear. Portmeirion claimed the world-famous picture, showing a street with a column topped by the statue of the Madonna with a church on the right and a bell tower in the background, was of their Welsh town. The southern Italians begged to differ saying the street was in fact via Roma in Maglie.

The argument was resolved by an international group of specialists who came down in favour of Maglie. Professor Carmelo Caroppo said “From now on, anyone in the world who buys blue and white English porcelain with this design can be said to have chosen a real and authentic souvenir of Maglie!”

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